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At The Tire Warehouse, we take pride in offering the best customer experience to Clifton Park, NY, Queensbury, NY and Troy, NY. We strive to provide our customers with the best experience possible each visit.

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The Tire Warehouse
I came in for snow tires and a wheel alignment a few weeks ago, but they noticed I was having some brake problems, so they recommended a brake job. I had previously noticed some brake issues, but the prior garage I had gone to couldn't verify them, so this was not a surprise when the guys here could. I ended up getting an excellent price on the repair, and my brakes feel better than they did when the car was new. Also, the rotors they use do not rust nearly as badly or as rapidly as the ones that originally came with the car. I would have preferred to not need new brakes, but their recommendation to me to get mine done was the correct one, and it has made a very big difference in how the car is performing. Thanks guys!
The Tire Warehouse
I forgot that I needed a inspection on my Acura of course the day that it expired. I stopped at four shops to tell me that there was no way they could get me in that day. I stopped at the Tire Warehouse for my final stop. This was the first time I was there and they got me in and even though it was almost closing time. It might of been my first time there but I think this is where I will be going from now on.
The Tire Warehouse
tk tom all with his help
Showing 16-18 of 18 reviews
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